Magic Item Monday: Lusjid, Chewing Leaf

Drugs in Dungeons & Dragons can be a bit controversial. But one element that has been prevalent in my current campaign is the diversity of goods consumed by different societies and how those goods affect their culture. In addition, this ties into a major element of some of my player’s characters motivations, namely mercantilism. But what if one of these trade goods had worth beyond just a trade good, what if it had affects on characters and could be used to get an edge….

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Lusjid Chewing Leaf

Consumable , uncommon.
This leaf is cultivated in select environments. When chewed over a period of five minutes, it provides a stimulating effect. When making a saving throw in the next hour, the consumer adds a +1 to the results of the first saving throw they make. This effect ends. If more than one leaf is consumed within a 24 hour period, the consumer must make a DC 14 Constitution saving throw or be poisoned for one hour.

Introducing drugs into D&D can be rewarding for role-playing. I would possibly look at using these addiction variant rules.

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