Magic Item Monday: Charm of Immortal Frost

My players have just slayed the dread frost giantess, Angrboda. As such, I wanted to make sure they had a token of their accomplishment. While a necklace would be nice, from a giant to a human, that would be too big. So what about a charm? In designing the item I wanted it to have some sort of function that showed why she was such a tough and revered warrior among the Hrímþurs. This would certainly help her get that reputation…

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Charm of Immortal Frost

Wondrous item, uncommon. Requires attunement
A cold to the touch charm from a giant’s bracelet, this can be attached to a chain or other means to be used as a necklace. Embracing the freezing of it seems to comfort the wearer.
While attuned, wearer must fail four death saves before dying. In addition, grants resistance to cold damage.

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