Magic Item Monday: Green Dragonteeth Arrows

Dragoncrafted items from 3.5 were always a crowd favorite in my games. When my players slayed an adult green dragon in my game a few years back, I wanted a way for the hunters and craftspersons in the group to make something out of the corpses. Specifically, there was a request for arrows, as we had a boyer/arrowsmith in the group.

I wanted to emulate the effects of a green dragon bite, so poison was a go to. But how much and what sort of DC? Here is what I came up with and we found for a rare item they are pretty balanced.


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Green Dragonteeth Arrows

Bow ammunition, rare
These arrows while finely craft have sharp teeth heads. On a hit, the arrows do the standard damage. In addition, the target must make a DC 16 constitution save. On a failure, they take an additiona 2d6 poison damage. There are 20 arrows in a quiver.

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