Magic Item Monday: Thetak Thunderknuckle’s Shield

Family items are a great way to create and foster a storyline. Today’s Magic Item Monday comes from my last campaign, Toell’s Bed. It was a plot device that help resolve a character’s own troubles and worries. As such, those resolutions and character have helped launch elements of my current campaign, the Skull & the Eye.

Baern Thunderknuckle was the dwarf fighter of the group. He was the last of his clan with no way to reclaim his birthright. Most of the family’s history was just told as folk tales, not much more. In working as a sellsword, he hoped to come across something that would prove his family’s history and that he was a part of that dwarven clan. Finding his family’s tomb and their shield proved to be enough…along with their history of demon slaying.

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Thetak Thunderknuckle’s Shield

Magic shield, legendary (require attunement by a member of the Thunderknuckle clan)
This shield bears the emblem of the Thunderknuckle clan of dwarves. It acts as a shield +1 to anyone using it. When attuned, the shield allows the bearer to cast hold monster as a 5th level spell (DC 15) with a range of 20 feet. Fiends (demons) get disadvantage on this saving throw. It recharges at the dawn of the next day.

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