Magic Item Monday: Dagger of Amethyst Crystal

This week’s item is the first magic item I have introduced to my players in the Skull & the Eye!

If you follow me on any social media or read a few articles on here, you know I am a big music fan and take a lot of inspiration from it. Well this item comes from by no means a subtle influence. I included a track off the latest Wolves in the Throne Room album on my introductory playlist for the Skull & the Eye. But looking back to their early demos is a track with a riveting name that has yet to be re-recorded:

Now with such a cool title, how could I not make this an item in my game? The group would spend the first two and a half sessions in caverns, far beneath the surface among goblins mining. Why couldn’t one of these goblins find and fashion such a dagger? So they did.

As for the design of the weapon, I wanted to do something that would reflect the history of amethyst in the world. Looking to Leonardo da Vinci, I found he believed it would “drive away evil spirits and sharpen the intelligence.” But what of those aspects weaponized? That is where I came up with this neat little item.

12951511_1_lDagger of Amethyst Crystal

Weapon, uncommon
This dagger is shaped from a solid piece of amethyst, including ridges on the handle. It is calming to hold and fiddle with. When a creature is hit with this dagger, until the end of their next turn must make a DC 13 Constitution saving throw before casting a spell or magical ability. On a failure, the spell or ability does not occur and the instance to use it is lost, whether a spell slot or uses.

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