Magic Item Monday: Smelling Salts

To conclude my original magic items for the pugilist class, I wanted to do a consumable item that could be used by all classes, but gave a specific benefit to the pugilist. The idea here is that they know how to take the boost given due to their experience with brawls and impromptu medical treatments.

I decided to read up on smelling salts, as they have been and continue to be used in numerous sports. However, they have been banned in boxing, namely due to them getting a boxer hyped to fight when in fact they have already been beaten pretty badly. It is pretty understandable how dangerous that can be, so there had to be some sort of drawback for using these.

Bottle of smelling salts, image source.

Smelling Salts

Potion, rare
A bottle of smelling salts contains three uses. Smelling salts can be administered to an unconscious character. When inhaled, the character regains one hit point. In addition, the stunned condition ends for them and they gain advantage on any Wisdom saving throw they make for one minute. In addition, when inhaled by a pugilist, they regain all their moxie points and a number of temporary hit points equal to half of their maximum. An hour after inhaling, the character gains a level of exhaustion.

This concludes my items for the pugilist class. Huge thanks to Sterling Vermin Adventuring Co., the creators of the pugilist class, for their amazing support. Always ready to hear feedback on Twitter @OnlyPlayWizards