Magic Item Monday: Lucky Tankard

Last week, I introduced a magic item specifically for the pugilist class, Boxer’s Shoes of the Butterfly. Continuing on with providing items geared towards the pugilist, I introduce the Lucky Tankard. I created this in mind to be used as an improvised weapon and a way to “Brace Up.” Pugilists are a very visual class and as such this is a great way to show a brawler ready to take an extra hit or two as.

A Lucky Tankard, note the dent. Image source

Lucky Tankard

Wondrous Item, uncommon (requires attunement by a pugilist)
You must have the Lucky Tankard in hand and full of an alcoholic beverage in order to use it. During the first round of combat, you may use the “Brace Up” moxie feature without spending a moxie point.  Using this ability empties the tankard as you consume the beverage within.

Once again, I cannot recommend the pugilist class enough. Always ready to hear feedback on Twitter @OnlyPlayWizards