Magic Item Monday: The Administrator

While magic items are neat, not all neat items have to be magical. The Administrator is one of these.

I created this item for the elf assassin with poisoner aspirations. The way that basic poison works in the core rules is it takes an action to poison a weapon, and then that poison lasts a minute on a melee weapon (or three pieces of ammunition). So my goal was to create a means to enable a tad more time with poison while also giving it the potential for more efficacy. This would come with a drawback to flexibility of poison types.

Now a dagger is a great way to get access to someone’s blood. It pierces and get in there. But as a delivery system for poison, not the best. Syringe and needle really gets to the vein and force the concoction into the subject. My first thought was of a punch dagger/syringe hybrid. With a quick Google image search, I found this and was inspired to create the Administrator:

10366d3c5b562515d6dd536d1263dd42--glass-dagger-push-dagger (1)
The Administrator, a glass punch dagger with a syringe.

The Administrator

Weapon, rare
This glass dagger is made of magically reinforced glass, but does not deal magic damage. It takes a minute to carefully fill the syringe with poison and the poison maintains potency for 24 hours inside the Administrator. As part of an attack with Administrator, you may activate the weapon and it is considered poison. All saving throws against poisons delivered by the Administrator have their DC increased by 1. Furthermore, if the Administrator is empty, it may be used to harvest venom from a creature providing advantage on the check when used in conjunction with a poisoner’s kit.

So while not a magical item, this does have a lot of flavor and application for a rogue. Honestly, it is a dirty weapon. One thing I want from 5e is more codification to poisons. The harvesting function is interesting too. I could see this being used by someone to harvest a vampire’s blood and then inject themselves or someone else with it to atrocious effects.

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