Magic Item: Blessed Thurible

Holy symbols are incredible diverse. They can be a chunk of metal fashioned into an icon of a deity, an arrangement of twigs and berries, a weapon, or even the garments worn by a cleric. However, I have always enjoyed more engaging holy symbols, ones that can be a bit more kinetic.

I recall in church, as a child, seeing this candle hanging from a very long chain attached to the pinnacle of the roof in the place of worship. The chain must have been 15 feet long. It did not sway much, but I could see it tilt ever so slightly.

The Blessed Thurible, in an inert state. (image source)

A few of the character starting gear in D&D includes incense. While a neat role-playing item to have, I always wanted to see it deployed as a more dynamic tool. I thought of censers, those religious objects where incense is burned during ceremony. But one hanging from a chain, dangled by a holy person wading through the chaos of battle while the billowing smoke spills forth reminding their allies that their deity is there within them. Now that would be a sight!

So here is what I came up with:

Blessed Thurible

Wondrous item, uncommon (requires attunement by a cleric)
As an action, you may light the incense and gently swing the thurible. You and allies within 10 feet of you benefit from the bless spell. You may use your bonus action to maintain swinging the thurible with one hand each turn up to 10 turns. If you do not use a bonus action to maintain swinging the thurible, the incense ceases to burn and the effects of the bless spell end. It takes 10 gold pieces of quality incense to activate this ability and it is consumed upon ignition.

Bless is probably one of the most popular spells around my table and I created this item as a way to help encourage the cleric in our party to stay among the other characters during combat. At the same time, I found concentration spells to be restrictive (only one at a time) and this was a way to move around that. What I also dig is how the thurible does not just bless a limited number of characters, but all those near; meaning they can move in and out of being blessed.

Let me on Twitter (@OnlyPlayWizards) know if you try the Blessed Thurible out and how your players like it