Soundtrack: The Skull & the Eye Vol. 1

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you know I am huge into music (with a distinct interest in metal). To me this is not at all separate from my love of Dungeons & Dragons as I draw a lot of influence from music for my games. At the same time, if there is a certain direction I want to take my game, I may seek out music that will help focus and articulate a mood I going for.

With that written, I make compilations (both as CDs and YouTube playlists) for my players to listen to. Some will put it on in the background when they work, listen in the car, or have it on while working on game materials. In any case the point is to get them that may provoke those emotional storytelling elements I hope to provide in my games.

For The Skull & the Eye, I put together a compilation that is not just to get folks in the mood, but can even foreshadow things that will occur. I have a lot to say about how amazing I think all these bands are, but I cannot get into detail without spoiling elements of my on-going campaign 😉

Without further ado, The Skull & the Eye: Vol. 1

1. Wolves in the Throne Room – “The Old Ones Are With Us”
2. Haunt – “As Fire Burns”
3. Attic – “A Serpent in the Pulpit”
4. Spell – “Dark Desires”
5. Satan’s Hallow – “Beyond the Bells”
6. Dunbarrow – “Witches of the Woods”
7. Beastmaker – “Coven Born”
8. Chelsea Wolfe – “Twin Fawn”
9. Sylvaine – “A Ghost Trapped in Limbo”
10. Pilgrim – “Arcane Sanctum”
11. Myrkur – “Gladiatrix”
12. Eldamar – “New Beginning”